Children Are Our Future: How Are We Protecting Them?

“I believe the children are our future”, as the song goes. But are we truly seeing this? Children of today are the ones suffering from the products of what their predecessors had done for the past years.


Our world is rapidly changing at a pace that even technology had a hard time catching up. There is climate change, famine in other parts of the world is very much apparent; war is almost always the feature of any news. And who are the very victims from all of these unfortunate events? Definitely, our Children.

While some children have the best of their lives in some of parts of the world, others are living in poverty fighting off death at an early age. Children who live in poverty stricken countries like that in Africa, children live for less than $1 a day and with that situation survival is unlikely and if ever they did, malnourishment and illnesses will strike these children. In a recent study done by UNICEF, children who live in urban areas have more chances to survive the stages of infancy and early childhood and have better health and more opportunities for education as compared to those living in their rural counterparts.

So what can we do to help out children who are born to a world with so many hardships and less opportunities? A lot of us don’t have enough resources to really reach out to those who are in need and we cannot carry the world entirely on our shoulders. However, it is our responsibility as a human being to help and nurture our children since they are our hope. What our children have become is a product of how we treated and nurtured them.

A simple step of helping our children is by volunteering on feeding programs. You really don’t have to lay down lots of money to help. Just give some of your time in helping them feed, teaching them the right foods to eat everyday to keep them well – nourished is already a big leap. Instead of going out with your friends to do shopping or eating on fancy restaurants, why not make it a habit to visit villages that direly need help. Children of these villages will surely be delighted to see what you have in store for them. Teach them, because not all are given the right to education. Share them your blessings because not all of them are blessed financially. Be their advocate and raise funds for them to help them go to school or give them foods that are nutritious or vitamins. Coordinate with organizations to help you organize with medical missions to check malnourished and sick children.

You see, helping our children is not really at all task-intensive and it doesn’t even require lots of money to start with. Many people are willing to give, that’s for sure. It just need a little bit of persuasion and lots of inspiration to be these children’s advocate. After all, we were once a child then.

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